Human Trafficking Fall 2018

SW 6621 / SW 5830 at University of Utah
Semester: Fall 2018
University of Utah
An Online Course

Social Work and Human Trafficking is an online BSW/MSW elective course designed to introduce students to contemporary human trafficking, both domestically and globally. Students will learn about important terminology and types of trafficking, indicators of and contributors to this issue, and policy debates regarding appropriate intervention. Physical, emotional, and psychological trauma will be explored, as well as the role social workers can play at the micro- and macro-level. Government, criminal justice, and community-based strategies will be reviewed and critiqued.

Here you will find educational content created by the Human Trafficking Course participants.


Find the podcast playlist here

Anna_LeighAnn Angela_Transcript Interview

Steph_HT Transcript for podcast

Shahar_Final Project Podcast

MarenStormeySarah_Human Trafficking Podcast Final Transcript

Sadie_HT Podcast Transcript

Kehaulani_Human Trafficking Transcript2


Sharon_SW podcast transcript

EdenCleggPodcast Transcript


Here is a link to the video playlist:


To follow along Katie & Leah’s presentation at WRC, click on this link:


Fair Bananas?
A Critical Examination of the Commercial Banana Trade
and Fair Trade in the Americas
Brynna Nelson

Human Trafficking in the Health Care Setting
Gabrielle Korpas

The Interaction Between Human Trafficking and Unaccompanied Homeless Youth in the United States
Marissa Wall

Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation
Yar Bak

Report on Housing/Shelter Resources for Human Trafficking Survivors in Salt Lake Utah
Maliah Lotz


Utah Trafficking in Person’s Website: 

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