The Essential Abolitionist

Please support the Essential Abolitionist by John Vanek,

The individuals who have offered to contribute to The Essential Abolitionist represent a wealth of knowledge in the fight against human trafficking, and bring years of experience in the investigation of trafficking incidents, serving victims, task force operations, research, and other topics.
* Jon Daggy, Detective Sergeant, Indianapolis Metro Police Depart., Human Trafficking Vice Unit
*Melissa Farley, PhD., Executive Dir. Prostitution Research & Education
*Susan French, Anti-Trafficking Consultant, (Former Federal Prosecutor)
*Annie Fukushima, PhD., Assistant Professor, University of Utah
*Benjamin Greer, Anti-Trafficking Consultant, Attorney
*Cindy Liou, Anti-Trafficking Consultant, Attorney, (Formerly with Asian/Pacific Islander Legal Outreach)
*Derek Marsh, Anti-Trafficking Consultant, Deputy Chief (Ret.) Westminster, CA Police
*Shamere McKenzie, CEO,, Trafficking Survivor
*Sandra Morgan, PhD., Vanguard University
*Lynett Parker, Supervising Staff Attorney, K&G Alexander Community Law Center
*Stephanie Richard, Policy & Legal Services Director, Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)
*Mark Wexler, Executive Director, Not For Sale Campaign
*Kiricka Yarbough-Smith, Chair, North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking
*Polaris Project, home of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and the National Human Trafficking Hotline