Ethnic Studies, Assistant Professor,
University of Utah

Introduction to Ethnic Studies: Educational Equity for Students of Color. Community Engaged Learning, ES 2500. Undergraduate lower-division Diversity Course. Fall 2015, Fall 2016.

Transnationalism, Migration, & Diasporic Communities. ETHNC 5350-001. Undergraduate upper-division ethnic studies course. Spring 2019.
See how my students collaborated to produce a project in 2019 #beyondwallsutah

Chicana Feminist Theory. ETHNC 5730 / GNDR 5960. Undergraduate upper-division ethnic studies methodology course. Spring 2019. https://anniefukushima.com/2019/04/22/chicana-feminist-theory-2019/

Zombie Futurities. ETHNC 5800-02/GNDR 5960-01/GNDR 6960-003. Graduate certificate course for gender studies and Ethnic studies upper division. Spring 2017.

Independent Studies. ETHNC 5810-001 / ETHNC 5801-004. Undergraduate upper-division ethnic studies methodology course. Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Spring 2020.

Ethnic Studies Methodologies. ETHNC 5900-001. Undergraduate upper-division ethnic studies methodology course. Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019. Check out some of my mentee’s projects: https://anniefukushima.com/2020/04/22/mentees-presenting-at-undergraduate-research-symposium-at-university-of-utah/

Transnationalism, Migration, & Diasporic Communities. GNDR 6960-004. Graduate gender studies course. Spring 2019.  

Social Work, Assistant Professor

Special Topic – Human Trafficking, SW 5830/SW 6621. Masters and Bachelors of Social Work Course. Online course. Fall 2018, Fall 2019.
See projects produced by students during the 2019 semester: https://anniefukushima.com/2020/01/11/human-trafficking-fall-2019/

Reflexive Social Work I, SW 6120. Masters Course. Spring 2016 and Spring 2018.**
Reflexive Social Work II, SW 6220. Masters Course. Fall 2016.

Independent Studies. SW 7900-005. Graduate social work course. Spring 2019.

Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Mellon Fellow,
Rutgers University

Gender, Culture, and Representation, Undergraduate Upper Division, Fall 2014

Popular Culture and Gender, Undergraduate Upper Division, Spring 2014

Feminist Pedagogies, Graduate Course, Team Taught with Dr. Mary Trigg, Spring 2015

Peace and Conflict Studies, International & Area Studies, Adjunct / Lecturer,
University of California, Berkeley

Human Rights & Global Politics, PACS 157, Undergraduate Upper Division, Summer 2013, Summer 2014, Summer 2015.

Ethnic Studies, Graduate Student Instructor

An introduction Asians in the United States, Asian American Studies 20, Undergraduate Lower Division, Spring 2006 and 2007

An introduction Chicano/Latino History, Chicano Studies 50, Undergraduate Lower Division, Fall 2006 and Fall 2007

Immigration, Racialization, & Globalization, Ethnic Studies 103, Undergraduate Upper Division, Summer 2011

The Southern Border, Ethnic Studies/Geography/Education 159, Undergraduate Upper Division Fall 2010 and Fall 2011

Asian American Studies and Film Studies, Asian American Studies 171, Undergraduate Upper Division Fall 2009

Introduction to Race in the United States, Ethnic Studies/American Cultures 21, Undergraduate Lower Division, Summer Bridge, Summer 2006

American Studies, Visiting Lecturer
Scripps College

Introduction to American Cultures, Team Taught with Dr. Stuart McConnell, Undergraduate Lower Division, Spring 2013

Introduction to Asian American History, Undergraduate Lower Division, Cross Listed in History, Spring 2013

Freedom & Race: Citizenship, Slavery & the Sex/Labor Trades, Undergraduate Upper Division Seminar, Cross-listed in Gender Studies, History, and American Studies, Spring 2013

Women and Gender Studies, Adjunct Lecturer
San Francisco State University

Gender, Politics & Citizenship, Undergraduate Lower Division, Fulfills U.S. government and California state government requirements. 100 students, Fall 2012.**

College Ten, Social Justice and Community, Adjunct Lecturer,
University of California, Santa Cruz

Core College Writing, Undergraduate Lower Division, Intensive Writing, 30 students, Fall Quarter 2012.**

Ethnic Studies, Adjunct Lecturer
Laney College

Introduction to Asian American History up to 1945, Undergraduate Lower Division, Lecture, Spring and Summer, 2011

Asian Americans in Film, Undergraduate Lower Division, ~ 60 students, Spring 2011.**