Digital Dialogue Six | Human Rights Beyond Carceral Systems

The Society of Fellows Digital Dialogues series brings together artists, scholars and activists working in a range of disciplines aligning with our current theme of Human Rights: Pasts and Futures. Areas of expertise include studies in art, performance and activism; critical human rights; disability; incarceration; Indigeneity; environmental justice; intersectional rhetorics; migrant and refugee rights; race and citizenship; and sexuality, among others.

In our final dialogue, panelists consider the political utility of human rights frameworks for addressing questions related to carceral systems, including the policing of space, citizenship, identities and difference. Panelists will address the explosion of the prison population in the United States and its link to the technologies of enslavement and also reflect upon the limits of carceral feminism and its turn to policing to resolve gender-based violence. Finally, panelists will consider the role of the arts and humanities in abolitionism and in imagining alternatives to carceral systems.


  • Dionne Custer Edwards (Director of Learning and Public Practice, Wexner Center for the Arts)
  • Annie Isabel Fukushima (Assistant Professor, Division of Ethnic Studies, University of Utah)
  • Tiyi Morris (Associate Professor, Department of African and African American Studies, Ohio State-Newark)
  • Elaine Richardson (Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Ohio State)
  • Mary Thomas (Associate Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ohio State)


  • Jennifer Suchland (Associate Professor, Departments of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, Ohio State)