Freedom Network USA 2016 Conference

Bridging the Gap: Building a Movement through Partnership, Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution

Palmer House, Illinois, Chicago
April 4-5, 2016

Human trafficking is a complex issue that impacts millions of individuals, families, and communities globally. Yet too often it is discussed as a solitary phenomenon without taking into consideration the multiple factors that create vulnerability or the composite response necessary to successfully address the needs of victims and survivors. This year’s conference embraces intersectionality: a framework that examines overlapping oppressions.

The Freedom Network’s 14th annual conference, Bridging the Gap: Building a Movement through Partnership, Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution, seeks to embrace this complexity and forge partnerships—taking trafficking out of its silo to explore its root causes and best practice interventions. We welcome current (and future!) anti-trafficking stakeholders to join us as we endeavor to better understand human trafficking as it intersects with a variety of systems, institutions and social concerns.

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Conference Details


Featured Speakers include: Survivors of Human Trafficking and Office for Victim of Crime Consultants; Attorneys of Immigrant, Worker, and Victim Rights; Representatives of Law Enforcement and Government Agencies; Medical Professionals; the Freedom Network Members, comprising of Advocates, Attorneys, Professors, Social Workers, and Experts working on Human Trafficking. Hear from 60+ different anti-trafficking experts, attend plenaries, panels and workshops, network with our members, and join the movement.

Conference Workshop Themes

  • Human Rights
  • Praxis and Research
  • Case studies of Individuals & Groups
  • Child Welfare
  • Culture & Difference
  • Disabilities & Human Trafficking
  • Domestic Violence  & Human Trafficking
  • The Drug Industry
  • Federal Overview and perspectives in Anti-Trafficking Endeavors
  • Freedom Network Training Institute
  • Legal and social perceptions of fraud
  • Healthcare responses
  • Housing First
  • Intervention courts
  • Investigation & Prosecution
  • Labor/Worker Rights & Labor Trafficking
  • Laws & Policy
  • Media Representation, Messaging, & Misinformation
  • Task Forces & Collaboration
  • Transgender People’s Experiences
  • Victim Compensation
  • Past, Present, and Future Directions of the Anti-Trafficking Movement: Reflections with the Freedom Network Founders and Survivors of Human Trafficking

Award Ceremony

We invite all conference attendees to join us for our Paul and Sheila Wellstone Award Ceremony on April 4th at 6:30PM.
For updates on the Program, visit:

Contact the Co-Chairs Annie Isabel Fukushima and Megan Mahoney or our National Coordinator, Melinda Smith  at

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