Honoring Human Trafficking Awareness Day – Teaching about Human Trafficking Fall 2019

To honor human trafficking awareness day, I would like to share content created by students at the University of Utah.

SW 6621 / SW 5830 at University of Utah
Semester: Fall 2019

University of Utah
An Online Course
Professor Annie Isabel Fukushima

This course was an upper division undergraduate and graduate online human trafficking elective course designed to introduce students to contemporary human trafficking, both domestically and globally. Students learned about important terminology and types of trafficking, indicators of and contributors to this issue, and policy debates regarding appropriate intervention. They grappled with theories and debates on human trafficking, labor exploitation, sexual economies, child abuse, immigration, intersecting forms of violence and poly-victimization, trauma, culture, legal systems, media representations, prevention, and a range of modalities to respond to trafficking and violence from micro to macro contexts.

As students learned about human trafficking, discussed with each other the content, watched videos, and read content, through their regular engagement with course content, it was an honor to be part of their journey in shifting in understanding and knowledge on complex issues. Even as we connected on the web, students connected to each other through their words, and for some, eventually, through image and sound.

This web publication of student created content is dedicated to remembering those who survived, lived through, continue to survive, passed on, and are dying from forms of violence such as human trafficking.

Students in the online course created a range of content – video, podcasts, scholarly writing, addressing issues regarding a twenty-first century concern: human trafficking. The content created by students do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Fukushima.

About the professor: Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima is an Assistant Professor in the Ethnic Studies division at University of Utah. Dr. Fukushima is author of the book Migrant Crossings: Witnessing Human Trafficking in the US (Stanford University Press, 2019). She has authored multiple scholarly and public works on issues of violence, race, gender, and immigration. And has served as an expert witness on human trafficking for a range of courts in California, Colorado, Utah, and Washington.



Scholarly Papers

Select few scholarly papers written by graduate students at University of Utah. Do not recirculate, reproduce, or cite without the author’s expressed permission.

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