The role of technology

The role of technology in human trafficking and anti-trafficking by GAATW

This is a recording of the webinar titled “The role of technology in human trafficking and anti-trafficking” that GAATW organised on 8 June 2020. The speakers – scholars and advocates in the areas of human rights, migration, women’s rights, sex workers’ rights and human trafficking – discuss common myths and misconceptions about the role of technology in human trafficking and anti-trafficking. Their interventions are based on recent research published in the journal Anti-Trafficking Review. The materials discussed in the webinar can be found here:

Jennifer Musto, Mitali Thakor and Borislav Gerasimov, ‘Editorial: Between Hope and Hype: Critical evaluations of technology’s role in anti-trafficking’,

Dr Sanja Milivojevic, Heather Moore and Marie Segrave, ‘Freeing the Modern Slaves, One Click at a Time: Theorising human trafficking, modern slavery, and technology’,

Stephanie A. Limoncelli, ‘There’s an App for That? Ethical consumption in the fight against trafficking for labour exploitation’,

Dr Laurie Berg, Bassina Farbenblum and Angela Kintominas, ‘Addressing Exploitation in Supply Chains: Is technology a game changer for worker voice?’,

Dr Annie Isabel Fukushima, ‘Witnessing in a Time of Homeland Futurities’,

Samantha Majic, ‘Same Same but Different? Gender, sex work, and respectability politics in the MyRedBook and Rentboy closures’,

Danielle Blunt and Ariel Wolf, ‘Erased: The impact of FOSTA-SESTA and the removal of Backpage on sex workers’,

Isabella Chen and Celeste Tortosa, ‘The Use of Digital Evidence in Human Trafficking Investigations’,

Kate Mogulescu and Leigh Goodmark, ‘Surveillance and Entanglement: How mandatory sex offender registration impacts criminalised survivors of human trafficking’,

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