Women’s Week 2021

I have been honored to take on the role as committee chair for the University of Utah’s Women’s Week Committee. For the past ten years, this has emerged as an inspiring list of events that honors womxn, celebrates womxn, and recognizes the important work of womxn leaders. This year’s theme is entitled, “Inspiring a Movement” where we take queue from women leaders to imagine our own leadership roles within – that movements paving the way for societal change have been deeply inspired by womxn leading the way. I am a huge Amber Ruffin fan and was over the moon when she agreed to be our keynote. In addition to hearing from Ruffin, our week of events will include workshops on women who run, leadership workshops from health sciences, we will hear from women in office, and end the week with healing and moving the needle – literally and with visions for social change.


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