Forum on the Future of Comparative, Postcolonial, and Decolonial Work

Invitation to Participate

Forum on the Future of Comparative, Postcolonial, and Decolonial Work

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

October 1-2 

Virtual & Free

To register:

You are warmly invited to participate in a two-day free event, “Forum on the Future of Comparative, Postcolonial, and Decolonial Work,” held virtually on October 1-2.

Supported by both the College of Humanities and the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah, the “Forum on the Future of Comparative, Postcolonial, and Decolonial Work” is a research and pedagogical initiative aimed to bring together three respective disciplinary fields of work to offer a critical and sustainable space for engaging in conversations and debates on future directions for the intersectionality of comparative, postcolonial, and decolonial work. The forum takes the position that we all are implicated in a scatter of hegemonic structures of thought and feeling and world system designs. While as scholars and educators we cannot escape the predicament of producing knowledge and legitimizing disciplines, it is possible to carry out our work, otherwise, to imagine new horizons that are more attuned with the decolonial principle of pluriversality. The forum aims to be an example and advancement of such work. Comparative, postcolonial, and decolonial scholars and graduate/undergraduate students, stakeholders, and community members are invited to discuss the origins, debate the impact, and deliberate the future of comparative, postcolonial, and decolonial work over the course of two days.



Comparative Work

Co-Leaders: Bo Wang & Jerry Won Lee

Postcolonial Work

Co-Leaders: Annie Fukushima & José Cortez 



Co-Leaders: Lisa Flores & René Agustín De los Santos

Panel Discussion  

Co-Leaders: Bo Wang, Jerry Won Lee, Jose Cortez, Annie Fukushima, René Agustín De los Santos, and Lisa Flores.

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