Utah Statewide Needs Assessment: Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking – 2022 Report

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UNA Final Report 2022 High Resolution

UNA Final Report 2022 Low Resolution

“There is a need to respond to violence in the state of Utah. The overall perception of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking in Utah are that conditions have worsened, the physical violence has become even more deadly. While participants of this study described a growth in local response, they illuminated how silence and the culture of Utah continues to create challenges for survivors… Across the state of Utah, domestic violence organizations conduct a Lethality Assessment Program (LAP). Between 2016 and June 2021, 24,202 LAP screenings were conducted. It was found during the last two years of LAP screenings that 3,653 cases faced high danger (Utah Domestic Violence Coalition 2022). Similar data shows that rape is the only violent crime in Utah with a rate higher than the national average. Research conducted by Dr. Melton illuminates that 40% of CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) hits are serial offenders… Human trafficking is under-reported and more difficult to identify. In 2020, there were also 182 victims of human trafficking identified in the state from the National Human Trafficking Hotline (n.d.) and 1,413 cases 2017 to 2020. Although victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking experience these forms of abuse specifically, they oftentimes may intersect in the form of polyvictimization where a survivor may experience multiple forms of abuse in their lifetime. This report reflects the tip of the iceberg.”

Fukushima, A.I. (2022). Utah Statewide Needs Assessment: Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking – 2022 Report. Salt Lake City, UT: Gender-Based Violence Consortium, University of Utah. https://gbvc.utah.edu/utah-state-wide-needs-assessment-2022/ 

Click through to read more about how marginalized communities experience violence, community needs, and the recommendations to address violence.

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Gratitude to: Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, Restoring Ancestral Winds, Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA), DCFS, the survivors and experts who contributed to this study. As well as my students who supported the research – Mikaila Barker, Tony Chen, Mariah Montoya, and Sohyun Park University of Utah Gender-Based Violence Consortium.

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